Monthly Archive: August, 2015

5 Free things to do in London you (probably) didn’t know about

After 5 years living in London, for many of which I was a broke student, I came to find that it really is one of the best places for free things to do.… Continue reading

Alternative Athens

With Athens the centre of so many news reports right now i decided to root out some old photos from a trip I took there in 2011. Despite the political and economic instability at… Continue reading

A little bit of Oregon

As part of a much larger road trip we spent a lovely few days exploring some of Oregon’s most scenic places. Here’s a tiny snippet of what we did there … Crater Lake So… Continue reading

The International Travel Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2015

A fab free exhibition for any travel enthusiast. The Royal Geographical Society in Kensington plays host to the winning photos of this year’s International Travel Photographer of the Year Awards. The photos are… Continue reading

The Land of Ice and Fire … Iceland on a shoestring

I have chosen Iceland as my first proper blog post because it is the place where I truly think I left my heart behind (cheesy as that sounds!). It is the most spectacular place I… Continue reading


So after years of boring friends with stories of my travels and constantly being told I should write a blog (probably so I would stop annoying them with my tales) I have finally sat… Continue reading