Alternative Athens

With Athens the centre of so many news reports right now i decided to root out some old photos from a trip I took there in 388133_706740835586_1259861722_n2011. Despite the political and economic instability at the time, the tourist industry was plodding along as usual and so we had an amazing few days exploring the city.

We did all the usual touristy bits; the acropolis and parthenon, the ancient olympic stadium and Athen’s amazing new museum. However, it was the more ordinary parts of the city that I enjoyed most and I spent a good couple of days photographing the 393528_706741429396_971326073_nincredible street art that we found in the area just north of the historic centre of the city.

As with most street art, some offered commentary on current affairs while others simply brightened up crumbling walls and grey concrete buildings.

I fell in love with these bold, modern artistic outpourings in the middle of the city only metres from the remains of Ancient Greece.

I hope you enjoy this collection of photos as much as enjoyed taking them. I think it gives a different snapshot of Athens that might be missed on your average holiday.378467_706741494266_887887294_n385474_706741469316_287232413_n388249_706741304646_1954933023_n