MeetUp – How to make new friends in new places

I have quite a transient lifestyle and so I have moved around a lot in the last few years and made new starts in lots of places. However, until my recent move to Glasgow I realised that I had never really moved anywhere without knowing anyone at all.

On arrival in this strange new city, I only had a few vague ‘friends of friends’ contacts, my office at work was very quiet and empty and I have to admit that my first week was a little lonely. Despite burying myself in work, after only a few days I was highres_147421062in need of human contact and so on a friend’s recommendation I turned to MeetUp.

If you have never used MeetUp before then I seriously urge you to try it, it is an amazing community of people of all walks of life and with every interest under the sun. Users can join groups relating to anything that they are interested in and meet local likeminded people.

There is everything from outdoor sports and photography to dancing and language groups.
camera-816583_1920You can join book groups, craft circles, sports teams, fan clubs and singles nights. It is also the perfect place to find people who share the same lifestyle as you whether it is alternative, LGBT or spiritual. If there isn’t anything that tickles your fancy, you can even start your own group and begin the hunt for fellow enthusiasts.

At first I was a little overwhelmed at the number of groups and the range of different things on offer. It is easy to get overexcited and book yourself onto everything and anything in sight.

In the end, I decided on a couple of outdoors groups and I went on my first walk with The Glasgow Trekkers on a beautifully sunny weekend in May (not typical Glaswegian 13094278_10154013678404003_7547245761677597464_nweather!). I have never been made to feel so welcome in such a short space of time before. It was quite a large mixed ability group but the walk was well planned and enjoyable and I have never spoken to so many different people in one go before. I have hooked up with a few of the walkers since then to go out on other trips and have signed up for plenty more MeetUps.

MeetUp really does have something for everyone so if you are settling somewhere new or you are just looking to meet new people, it is the perfect starting point.