My first microadventure

I started a new job recently and I think my favourite thing about it is the fact that I am now surrounded by the kind of people who don’t think I am crazy for walking up mountains and who say yes to the idea of a microadventure!

IMG_1912For those who haven’t already come across the idea of a ‘microadventure’ or a ‘5-9 adventure’ they are small adventures that fit neatly overnight between work days. They involve heading out somewhere walking, biking, whatever after work and then camping (usually) overnight and getting back to your desk in time for the next work day.

The founder of the concept, Alistair Humphries describes it is a way to “offer a realistic escape to wilderness, simplicity and the great outdoors, without the need to ski to the South Pole or go live in a cabin in Patagonia.”

So we got a little group together and took ourselves and our backpacks off on the train to the Peak District on a surprisingly sunny day in April. One of the team hikes regularly in the area so he was on navigation duty making it a breeze for the rest of us. Our route took us up Lose Hill from Hope and along the ridge before dropping down into Edale.

We were very quickly overtaken by the local school cross country club going for a casual run up Lose Hill who made it look incredibly easy even in the heat. We kept telling IMG_2477ourselves it was just because we were carrying rucksacks full of camping gear! We were rewarded for our slog up the hill with beautiful views from the top. After taking a few sweaty selfies, we started along the ridge just as the sun started to sink in the sky bathing everything in gold.

The route cut down just before the Mam Tor climb and into Edale ready for a pub tea and a bit of camping. A few of us had recently decided that we were all about the bivvy and had new kit we wanted to try out so after stuffing ourselves with pub food and a pint or two we bedded down under the stars. I love falling asleep with the breeze on my face while watching for shooting stars and we were treated to a super clear night which was perfect for stargazing.

Up with the birds the next morning, we packed up and headed to the train station where the sunrise and clouds clinging to the hills around was spectacular. IMG_1918There’s something about waking up surrounded by trees and birds that really sets you up for the day and we headed in to the office a little tired but refreshed and after a cheeky bacon butty and a shower we were ready to face the world.

It must have been fun as we were already planing the next one on the train back!