Mini Microadventures Ultimate Day Hike Packing List

This blog is a very exciting one as it is my first ever Guest Blog and is from the wonderful Nicola Hobbs of Mini Micoadventures . She has written a fab piece about her ultimate day hike rucksack packing list.

I first met Nicola on an amazing Adventure Queens weekend of bivvying, hiking and wild swimming in Snowdonia – check out the blog on that one here! She is an inspirational micro-adventurer who just gets her hiking boots on and sets out to explore. She has a fab instagram that you have to check out later but now without further ado I will hand over to the adventure queen herself …

nicola-hobbsMy name is Nicola, I spent my entire childhood on camping and hiking adventures with my family and with Girl Guides, but last year having lived in the city for 20 years I started to feel very disconnected from my previous life as an adventurous child so I set about trying to figure out how to get back outside.

It started with a tent. I bought the cheapest Vango tent I could find on eBay, I then immediately texted a friend to tell her I’d bought a tent and that we should go on an adventure, she said yes! After posting about my tent purchase on social media, a friend sent me a link to Alastair Humphreys Microadventure website, and from there my new adventure life snowballed.

A friend recently asked me for a day hike kit list and when I started doing this a year ago I could only find lists but no pictures…! It took an extraordinary amount of time to research brands and what to look for, so maybe this will help anyone who is just starting out. This is an example of what I might take, I tailor it for each trip depending on where I am going. I would obvs take food too! 😜😋

Osprey Tempest 30l Bag.

Silva compass, Swiss Army knife, Whistle, and a Lifesystems survival bivvy  Nightsearcher head torch. 

Wild Wee Kit! Lifesystems first aid kit, my own first aid kit with spare inhalers, medication and a Lifesystems tick removal card. Spare phone battery cases.

RAB raincoat and water proof trousers.

RAB Microlight down jacket, a hat, gloves and a buff, all go in a dry bag.

Sun protection and insect repellent (skin so soft) which I decant into tiny pump spray bottles to save on weight (Muji).

2 camelbak bottles of water.

Alpkit phone cover to protect it from water damage.

Small Osprey raincover for my bag.